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Aircraft Parts Suppliers
Aircraft Aftermarket Parts & Services

Military and Commercial Airplane Parts

Ocean Air is one of the leading global aircraft parts suppliers and distributors of military and commercial aircraft products for the aircraft aftermarket. We are your premier source for high grade aircraft engine parts, airplane spare parts, aviation communications, featured aircraft parts for sale, and highly specialized AOG engineering and management services for a wide range of commercial and military grade planes.

Aviation Aftermarket Sales and Engineering

Ocean Air is an AS9120 and ISO 9001 certified company and aftermarket aviation parts supplier of military and commercial aircraft products. In addition to aircraft supplies procurement, Ocean Air specializes in sourcing: aircraft RADAR, airborne communication, navigation, indicators, TCAS, valves, and aircraft engine part solutions.


Our airplane parts suppliers and supported aircraft types.

As a premier military aircraft parts supplier and commercial aviation aftermarket aircraft parts distributor, not only do we maintain an exclusive inventory of Hot Buy aircraft supplies and aftermarket aircraft parts for sale, but our global network of affiliates, exclusive suppliers, and aviation parts distributors enables us to fulfill any specific market needs or aircraft engine parts our clients may need for a wide range of military and commercial aircraft types including:

If you are looking for an aircraft supplier with access to engine parts or other aircraft aftermarket components for a plane type not on this list, please contact one of our industry specialists through our contact form and we will be happy to explore the matter and determine whether we can assist with your part sourcing needs. Or talk with a specialist at one of our upcoming events.

Types of airplane engine parts and used airplane parts.


Ocean Air specializes in acquiring and providing high value aftermarket aircraft parts and aircraft supplies such as TCAS, RADAR, airborne communication, and aircraft navigation systems, as well as those aviation parts necessary for aircraft engine overhaul.

We support the aircraft aftermarket products of leading aerospace manufacturers including:

If there is a specific aerospace manufacturer you prefer, just let one of our specialists know and we will align our resources to meet your requested needs. Or learn more about how to become a customer or become a vendor.

Aviation parts suppliers and top airplane parts suppliers from leading aerospace manufacturers.

Aircraft Spare Parts Suppliers: Global Solutions and Distributions

We buy and sell aircraft supplies, military aircraft spare parts, and used aircraft parts for sourcing and resale to other aviation parts distributors and aircraft operators.Aircraft Spare Parts Supplier

Our industry experts evaluate airplane parts for sale and available aircraft supplies to determine whether there is sufficient demand among our global network before making a determination about whether to purchase the used aircraft parts and aircraft engine parts.

As one of our nation’s top military aircraft parts suppliers we regularly source and acquire the highest-quality military-grade aftermarket aircraft parts or those commercial-grade used airplane parts that can be converted into useful AOG materials for existing military aircraft parts.

Our distinction as an airplane parts industry leader among both aircraft spare parts suppliers and military aviation parts suppliers distinguishes Ocean Air from the competition on both a domestic and international level.

Along with our dedication to timeliness, penultimate service, and providing the highest levels of value, this distinction has helped set us up as the most reliable aircraft part supplier in the US and worldwide for both commercial and military services.

Aftermarket Aircraft Engine Parts Suppliers

Our aircraft engine parts suppliers and services.Not only do we specialize in purchasing aircraft parts for sale and then redistributing them worldwide through our global network of aircraft parts distributors, but we offer a range of components and aircraft engine parts.

Our ability to find, purchase, and offer part sourcing solutions on a diverse array of valuable aircraft engine parts for sale anywhere in the world as long as they meet our rigorous standards for quality, has helped build our reputation among aircraft engine parts suppliers in America, Europe, and Asia.

Contact an Ocean Air Specialist to inquire about specific parts or engines, as our global network of aircraft engine parts suppliers enables us to find and acquire a large range of supplies not listed in our Hot Buys section.

Reliable Aircraft Engine Parts and Superior Services

With over 20 years of domestic and international experience among aircraft parts suppliers providing superior services, used airplane parts, & aftermarket commercial aircraft products to the airline industry, we are proud of our exceptional track record of ALWAYS meeting or EXCEEDING our customer’s expectations for quality, value, and response time – and we take great pride in the unrivaled professionalism of the amazingly talented staff we employ.

Beyond dedication to our clients and an inventory of airplane parts for sale, Ocean Air offers highly specialized management services:

Systems & Instruments: TCAS Airplane Parts, Airborne Communications, TCAS RADAR, & Military Components.

Our blend of professional engineering and management services as well as our trusted reputation among aircraft parts distributors and aircraft parts suppliers puts Ocean Air atop the leader-board for commercial aircraft parts, aircraft engine parts and military-grade aero parts. 

Aircraft parts for sale from our aftermarket aircraft parts.

But more specifically, it is Ocean Air’s commitment to high grade instruments and systems that continue to set us apart from notable competitors. We are always sourcing complex components including Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems, or TCAS for short, Aircraft RADAR components, aircraft navigation systems, specific aircraft valve types, airborne communication elements, and a wide variety of aircraft indicator instruments such as those for speed, altitude, and magnetic direction.

Military Aircraft Parts Suppliers: Top Grade Military Aircraft Spare Parts

Ocean Air is a a US DOD and FMS contractor and a global leader among military aircraft parts suppliers for our esteemed armed forces.

Military Aircraft Parts SupplierWe do our part to keep military planes off the ground so that they can provide support for the brave men and women fighting for our freedom both domestically and overseas.

Our role as both military aircraft spare parts suppliers and distributors, (and our global network in the aircraft aftermarket) enables us to provide critical assets to the military below aerospace manufacturers costs without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Our military aircraft spare parts and aircraft engine parts meet the highest standards and help numerous aircraft off the ground that would otherwise remain grounded due to budgetary constraints.

Whether you are performing aircraft maintenance repair, in the midst of an aircraft engine overhaul, looking for the top name in aviation parts suppliers, or searching for the best aftermarket airplane parts and aircraft engine parts suppliers, Ocean Air is the company with the experience and expertise you can count on for professional quality, unmatched value, and prompt response times.